Behind The Scenes Podcast

Today I launched Weaving The Shroud, the podcast. Woof. the redundancy is out of control.

One of my many efforts to expand on the Patreon account, WTS the Podcast (and I’m only just now realizing the linguistic similarity to Marc Maron’s WTF) is a look inside my head. Each episode I’ll pick a topic from my life, something I’m working on… any glance behind the Shroud so that patrons get a sense as to what I’m making.

It’s a tricky thing. With preproduction on the short film, getting UTS ready for launch, and plotting out the upcoming novel Grift the Garter my days are pretty full. That’s not even counting my day job at the peerless Epoch Coffee. But if I’m going to ask folks to subscribe to our Patreon, to put their hard earned dollars on the line, I owe it to them to offer exclusive content.

Right now WTS is a bit of a ramble. I set up my mic, I pick a topic, and I get as honest as I can bear about what I’m developing. Over time I’m sure I’ll narrow in on topics, learn how to expand for longer episodes, and better produce the audio. Until then the podcast is a learning process, just like everything else in life.

I installed a button at the top of the website for easy access to the website, give her a poke and see what else we’re offering. Thanks for reading, we’ll haunt your thoughts and dreams!